Friday, June 5, 2020, Day 82, Week 12, Month 3 of Self Isolation.

The New Way of Life

It’s still cloudy and cool with showers but brighter than yesterday.

I spent the day finishing the couple of chapters of the biography and sent them to my client for her to review. Next week I’m going to work on Chapter 5 of my “zombie” novel.

Been for a couple of walks. My bike is still away being serviced. I had a long chat to my friend who had the virus at the very beginning. She is still having relapses and all manner of strange symptoms months after the initial illness.

Our potential client came back to us and we are going to do a big chunk of work with between July and September.

Virgin contacted us to say that they are resuming flights from July and outlined their plans for ensuring social distancing and keeping their customers and staff safe. Fingers crossed Barbados will lift their quarantine soon and we get some flights booked!

Friday is curry and quiz night. Today I’ve made Sag Paneer, Keema and Peas and Dal with a Cucumber and Mint Raita.

Getting my blog written before we eat and crack open a bottle of wine (or two)!

The News

The George Floyd/#balcklivesmatter and Madeleine McCann stories are still dominating the headlines.

“Official” Covid deaths in the UK have now exceeded 40,000. I remember when this all started and they stated that they would be happy if they kept the numbers below 20,000. It’s fair to say we failed on that one! We have the highest deaths per million population rate in the world after Belgium, and they have always been more comprehensive in their reporting.

Belgium has the highest death rate per million at 824. We are at 588, Spain 580, Italy 557, Sweden 452!, France 445, USA 333 and Germany 104.

The R number is now between 0.7 and 0.9. So, still below 1. However, there are believed to be areas in the country where it is still over 1. It would good to know what the R number is for our local area as this would dictate what we feel we can do personally in terms of easing our own lockdown.

They have stopped the Clap for Carers now and stopped the weekend Government Briefings. The daily briefings don’t appear to have a medic in attendance now and the government minister giving the briefing has presented the Public Heath England slides for a few days now. All gradually winding down.

Victoria’s Secret, the luxury lingerie brand has gone into administration in the UK.

The Numbers

357 new deaths taking the total to 40,261.

1,650 new cases.


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