Thursday, June 4, 2020, Day 81, Week 12, Month 3 of Self Isolation.

The New Way of Life

It’s cold and cloudy today. Apart from a couple of short walks, we haven’t been out much today. It’s much harder to do this when the weather is bad. I can feel a more gloomy mood descending already.

I’ve moved from my shorts back into my jeans which are alarmingly tight! I’m not making great progress in my quest to shed the extra weight I have put on during isolation. It’s going to be harder in bad weather and without my bike for a few days.

I’ve done more work on my biography project most of the day apart from a break in the afternoon when I watched a bit of TV and did some cross-stitch.

I was supposed to be meeting up with a couple of friends in one of their back gardens this afternoon but had had to cancel as it’s too cold to sit outside. I’m supposed to be going for my first walk in the park with my daughter and granddaughter on Saturday but it looks like we’ll have to call that off too as the weather forecast is awful. It’s hard to believe that we were practically living outdoors and basking in glorious sunshine just a couple of days ago.

The News

The main news today is about little Madeleine McCann who went missing 13 years ago. It is thought that a German man who is already in prison for sex offences may be responsible for her murder. He is believed to have been living in the area at the time and was known criminal involved in drug dealing, burglary and child sex offences. No hard evidence yet but investigations continue.

I really hope her poor parents finally have some closure. We have always believed that they were innocent of any involvement in her disappearance. M actually knew her father through work, at the time of the incident.  Yes, they made a terrible mistake and they have paid for this in the worst possible way. But that is all it was, a mistake. I can’t imagine how wretched they must feel to this day. I am often upset when people I know imply that it was her parents who killed her and disposed of her body, accidentally or otherwise.

The UK is hosting a global (now virtual) health summit today on a coordinated world vaccine programme with the aim of ensuring that preventable diseases are eradicated in all countries in the world.

Yesterday in parliament, the Business Secretary, Alok Sharma, was seen to be visibly unwell. He was frequently mopping his brown and seemed to be in some distress. He has since gone into self-isolation and is awaiting the result of a Covid test. This has prompted a big debate about whether social distancing is being adhered to in parliament. They only started meeting again in person this week and there have been images and stories posted all over the media about them queuing to vote for long periods of time in close proximity to each other.

Facemasks are to be compulsory on public transport. Really? We’re only just doing this now?

The Numbers

1,805 new cases.

176 new deaths.

39,904 total deaths.



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