Wednesday, June 3, 2020, Day 80, Week 12, Month 3 of Self Isolation.

The New Way of Life

It’s raining! It’s a bit of a shock after such a long spell of great weather. I wen out for two walks, as I couldn’t go on a bike ride until my bike comes back from it’s service. To be honest, I’m a fair weather cyclist. I don’t enjoy it when its wet. It’s not so much about getting wet, but more about the spray from cars and the road being slippery.

I got up early for a Zoom meeting with our local business network. A big shop arrived about 11 and it took me an hour to clean it and put it all away. After that I cracked on with some work on my biography for a few hours. In the afternoon I watched an Irish “zombie” movie, called The Cured, and did some of my cross-stitch. M hates horror movies so I have to watch them on my own – I was getting a bit of withdrawal from my need to be scared and my fascination with all things apocalyptic.

We’re having a Chinese today. I’m going to brave the real world and go and collect it. It’s our second takeaway in isolation.

Not a lot else to talk about today!

The News

Schools in Wales are going to open on the 29th of June for 4 weeks prior to the summer break.

There is a lot of criticisim of the governments failure to provide Covid test results within 24 hours, which is critical for the success of Test, Track and Trace.

A medical contact revealed to us that the NHS is preparing for a second wave as early as July. I really hope this doesn’t happen.

In the daily briefing the medics were stressing that we are still in the tail end of the outbreak and numbers are not going as slowly as they would like.

Crowds of people were demonstrating in London about #blacklivesmatter.

The quarantine conditions for people returning to the UK from abroad were officially announced and it was confirmed that non-compliance would be met with a £1000 fine.

More job losses are being announced in big companies including Rolls Royce. Frankie and Benny’s are to close 120 restaurants.

The man behind the Swedish approach has admitted that too many people have died. Their death rates have been higher than neighbouring countries and Swedish nationals are being banned from travelling to other countries.

On the other hand, The Shetland Isles, who locked down early when they were badly affected, have halted the virus. They have had no new cases for six weeks.

It feels as though the government is well and truly floundering now. Kier Starmer has changed his tone and become far more confrontational now when challenging Boris in PM Questions.

The Numbers

359 new deaths. Total 39,728.

1871 new cases – an increase from yesterday. Apparently, the R number remains very close to 1.



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