Sunday, May 31, 2020, Day 77, Week 11, Month 3 of Self Isolation.

The Numbers

113 deaths, total 38,489.

1,936 new cases.

We still have way more new cases than other countries that are easing lockdown.

The Association of Directors of Public Health have written to the government asking them to postpone the easing of lockdown, saying it’s to soon.

People are going crazy. Parties, gatherings, BBQs. I really hope numbers don’t start to rise again. When you think back to the beginning, when we just had a few cases and how quickly things escalated out of control, it’s very worrying. I suppose this time the idea is that we can control it with Test, Track and Trace. I sincerely hope so!

The News

Violence continues in America. There have been protests and demonstrations in cities in the UK now too. Apart from people wearing masks, not much evidence of social distancing here or in America. I wonder if we will see a spike in new cases associated with this crisis.

The government announced the tentative first steps of easing lockdown for the “shielded.”

Th UK has seen a wave of littering and fires as people picnic all over the countries beauty spots. In Dorset a load of people jumped off the Durdle Door into the sea and seriously injured themselves. All the people on the beach had to ignore social distancing and crowd together as the beach was cleared to make way for the Air Ambulance.

We are more resolved than ever to watch and wait before taking any chances ourselves.

The New Way of Life

We had a lovely day in the glorious Sunday sunshine. Walked, went on a bike ride, sunbathed Facetimed friends and family and read and relaxed.

I cooked some salmon and made a couple of nice salads to go with it; grilled onion with rocket and shaved parmesan, tomato and mozzarella with balsamic dressing and a homemade garlic tartar sauce.

In the evening we watched Alien Covenant. A few decent films are appearing for rental on the streaming services.  I suppose its all they can do as no one is going to the cinema any time soon.


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