Saturday, May 30, 2020, Day 76, Week 11, Month 3 of Self Isolation.

The Numbers

215 new deaths taking the total to 38,378.

1,604 new cases.

The News

Finally, 11 weeks after M was advised to stay indoors, it has been announced that the “shielded” can begin to venture outdoors. People living with families can go out once a day with a member of their household. People living alone can meet up with one other person outside as long as they stay 2 metres apart.

As this is what we have been doing already, it won’t make any real difference to us but still a sign that things are slowly moving on.

All the scientists are still concerned though.

People are visibly beginning to relax, getting together already in larger groups in parks and gardens. Even people I know who have been extremely cautious and followed the rules religiously, are meeting up with friends and family outside. It’s laughable that the new guidance doesn’t even come into force until Monday. I really hope we won’t all live to regret this.

Terrible violence, looting and rioting in America rages on. Cars and buildings have been set alight, the police have used tear gas and rubber bullets to try and disperse the crowds. Los Angeles has declared a state of emergency and called in the National Guard. A curfew between 8pm and 5.30 am is in place across the city.

The New Way of Life

Another quiet day. I went for a walk but missed my bike ride today after our bucket of gin the day before! That said, I felt pretty good considering. I spent the day cooking and doing a little bit of cleaning and tidying.

I cooked our weekly curry tonight instead of Friday. This time I made Rick Stein’s Chicken Tikka Masala, Rice, Dal and Onion Pakora.

We watched our, now usual, Saturday shit TV but M’s new guilty pleasure, In for a Penny, wasn’t on! So we just had Ninja Warrior (and it was the last episode of that!) and Britain’s Got Talent. So, looks like we’ll have to change our routine next Saturday. Ha! Ha! Probably a good thing!

We watched Bad Boys For Life after dinner. The third in the truly awful trilogy that M loves so much. Thank god the kit for my new cross stitch has all arrived. I can tolerate these type of movies if I have something else to do while I watch them.

Last night, we could hear some people having a get together outside the back of our house. They were in the secure cark park for the apartment block next door. When we went to bed, I saw them from the window. A group of between 8-10 people sitting on garden chairs in a circle, enjoying a drink and each others company on a beautiful warm evening. They were not sitting 2 metres, or even 1 metre, apart, there were more than 6 people from more that 2 households and its not even the 1st of June, when the new advice comes into effect. I’m not judging or criticising. It’s just an example of how people are moving ahead and pushing the limits of the guidance all the time. As far as we know, they are all reasonable people who have been following the rules until now. If this is how they are interpreting the situation, what the hell are all the unreasonable people doing right now?






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