Monday, June 1, 2020, Day 78, Week 12, Month 3 of Self Isolation.

The New Way of Life

As we enter our 12th week of isolation, and the month of June, I’m going to change the format of these posts. As there is less and less new news to report, and the numbers are beginning to significantly decline, I want to focus on the future and how we are all beginning to get back to normal. I’m going to talk about the News and the Numbers at the end, instead of at the beginning.

I’ve also changed the cover photo, to a picture of our favourite beach in Barbados, as that is our primary goal. We are agreed that, as soon as it is safe to do so, we will try and get out there. Realistically, that will be September at the earliest. Lots of things have to fall into place first.

The main one is the end of quarantine in Barbados. We definitely don’t want to be confined in the quarantine centre out there. I’ve done a bit of research and it doesn’t sound very safe. If reports from people who have been there are true, it is dirty and cramped. They may introduce other options, such as being quarantined in a hotel with a balcony, or at a private residence. These would be tolerable.

However, even if the island opens up to tourists again, they may not accept visitors from the UK. We are seen as one of the countries with the biggest Covid problems, and many other countries who are opening their doors again are banning tourists from the UK.

When they do decide open, we need to get a flight. At the moment flights are not running from the UK to Barbados, as far as we can see. Once they do re-start and the island accepts visitors, other people may start to book again and we may lose the opportunity with the house. At the moment all their bookings for 2020 have been cancelled and this is why they are willing to let us have the house in high season at our low season special deal. They only need a few bookings at high season prices to make the arrangement not worth it for them.

So, first we need Barbados to open to visitors from the UK, and second we need to book some flights and let the owners know. They have said that, as soon as we do that, they will confirm our booking. In the meantime, we need to pray that a second wave doesn’t hit and take us all back to the start again!

The schools have re-opened today. By all accounts it is very patchy with some schools remaining closed and some parents deciding they don’t want to send their kids back yet.

M and I have so far avoided any trips out to “beauty spots” for walks or bike rides. Everywhere has been so busy it just doesn’t seem safe. Even the roads around our little local lakes and woods are rammed with cars parked on either side. I can’t imagine what other more popular places are like. Maybe now that some children are back at school and some people are back at work it might quieten down.

We fancy a drive up to the Long Mynd, while the weather is so good, but we’ll wait for a bit. Trouble is, the weather is set to change on Wednesday and we have a few things on tomorrow, so we might miss our chance.

The News

The news is all about some children going back to school.

The violent unrest in America rages on.

The first horse race since the 17th of March has taken place.

Car showrooms and outdoor markets have re-opened.

This May has been the sunniest on record. Climate change scientists and meteorologists are staggered by how much sunshine we have had and not because it’s a good thing! On a postive note, it has made lockdown easier to deal with.

The Numbers

1,570 new cases.

111 deaths, total 39,045.

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