Sunday, May 17, 2020, Day 63, Week 9, Month 3 of Self Isolation.

The Numbers

170 new deaths taking the total to 34,636. Even taking account of low weekend number, definitely on the way out of this, for the moment anyway.

Barbados have got two new cases after a couple of weeks without any. They were picked up through contact tracing.

The News

Mixed messages over the likelihood of a vaccine any time soon. The government have said that 30 million people will be able to get a vaccine by September. However, experts are saying that a vaccine wont be readily available until next year.

Hospitals in Brazil are near collapse as the virus rages through the country.

Loss of taste and smell has been officially listed as a symptom of Covid-19.

Italt and Spain have begun to ease some of their lockdown restrictions. Some shops have been allowed to open again.

UK stations are putting new social distancing and crowd-control measures into place including the use of  trained security guards, as people begin to return to work.

The New Way of Life

Another quiet day. I got up early and put a leg of lamb in the oven to roast for seven hours! Later, I did some balsamic roast potatoes, greens and cauliflower cheese to go with it for Sunday Lunch.

I went out for a walk while M was on his bike ride. The weather is a bit better again. Its cloudy but the temperature has gone up. I’m not going on the bike until all my stiff and sore back and shoulder muscles have fully recovered from my fall.

Talking of my fall, the swelling and bruising is going down but as it does I have realised that my nose is a bit wonky. Still not sure whether to leave it and just accept it or get an X-Ray and get or sorted out. My view at the moment is that a wonky nose does not even come into play compared to the risk of M catching Covid-19.

Saying that, I have growing sense that there is less of it our there in the community now. No new stories of local people getting it and people being admitted to hospital. That could just be due to lockdown of course and it could come roaring back as people begin to get on with their lives.

But it’s more than that. I just don’t “feel” it’s out there anymore. It’s hard to explain. It might just be that I’m becoming complacent, which could be dangerous. Not that I’m taking any risks. We are here, like this until the end of June and we’ll just have to take it from there.

I’m also hearing more and more stories of friends and family discovering the extent of people meeting up in secret during lockdown. There has been a lot more of it going on than we’ll ever know. Maybe the government have allowed for this in their implicit pursuit of herd immunity. Maybe loads more people have had it and are immune than we know.

We are at a real turning point now. Either things will continue to improve or we will get another wave. Only time will tell. The WHO is warning the UK and Europe that we must prepare for a second wave this winter.

I’m a bit concerned about my two-year old granddaughter and how this is affecting our relationship. She’s become very cold and distant towards us. When I Facetime my daughter, she doesn’t even smile or want to say hello anymore. She’d rather just continue to play or watch TV. But what can we do? I just have to hope that when the time comes that I can kiss her and cuddle her, and play with her again, we’ll be able to rebuild the relationship.



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