Monday, May 18, 2020, Day 64, Week 10, Month 3 of Self Isolation.

The Numbers

There have been 160 more deaths in the past 24 hours, taking the total to 34,796.

The News

We are officially in a sustained decline now.

For the first time, everyone over five, who has symptoms of the virus can get a test. At last!

John Van Tam, my favourite speaker by a country mile among those that have delivered the daily breifings, thinks that we may have to live with the virus for years.

The New Way of Life

The weather is great again. I’ve had a really nice day. I just feel in a good mood today. It’s so weird how our moods fluctuate so much, from day today, during this experience.

I spent the morning getting to grips with Zoom. We’ve decided we’re going to subscribe to the full version as we like it best out of all the ones we have looked at. We have out first workshop on Thursday.

We’ve actually got a busy week! M had a web meeting today with a business network group he is a member of. After that he was working on his slides for Thursday. We’ve got more prep to do tomorrow and on Wednesday we’re going to get M’s blood test done. Thursday we’ve got the workshop and I’m OUT in the evening! Friday is curry and quiz night. I’m cooking pakora, a lamb and spinach curry and another dal this week.

I went for another lovely walk down to our local nature reserve in the afternoon.

I seem to have developed sinusitis type symptoms on the other side of my face now. I rang the GP and he said it can happen after a facial injury and its best to take a course of antibiotics to prevent a more serious infection. I’ve already picked them up and started taking them as its all done electronically. I started the antibiotics less than an hour after speaking to the doctor. Pleasingly efficient.

I spent the afternoon making some pasties. The dough is like a puff pastry but also used yeast. The filling is a mixture of Nduja and Manchego. It’s taken most of the afternoon to make them and now the pastry is chilling for a final time. I can’t finish them till 7pm!

We’re having Sunday Lunch left-overs for dinner. I love left-overs! Decent home cooked food without any of the cooking or washing up!




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