Saturday, May 16, 2020, Day 62, Week 9, Month 3 of Self Isolation.

The Numbers

468 new deaths taking the total to 34,466.

The News

Not much new news today.

Still lots of debate and discussion about whether or not it’s to soon to ease the lockdown.

The rich list was published and some of the usual leaders have slipped down the rankings a bit due to losses as a result of the virus. James Dyson, who started out making vacuum cleaners was at the top, reported to be worth £16.2 billion.

It should have been the Eurovision Song Contest but it has obviously been cancelled. Instead a TV show played some past winners and the public voted for their favourite. The “Winner of Winners” was Waterloo by Abba which won in 1974 when the contest was held in Brighton.

The New Way of Life

A chap at the end of our road has been sitting on a deck chair in the middle of the roundabout playing live music. He asked for people to join him (socially distanced of course) and a few people came out of their houses to listen.

Quite sweet, I thought.

Oh no. Apparently, he’s not allowed to do it. The roundabout is not a public space! I ask you? What harm can it do? We’re in the middle of a global pandemic and a lockdown. Nothing is the same. All the old rules have gone out of the window. Even the Care Act has been suspended at the moment. Get a grip people!

We had a quiet day after our rather drunken Friday night quiz.

Our grand-daughter’s high chair has found a new purpose in the Time of Covid. It’s the perfect vehicle to support our laptop for virtual events. We’ve tried and couple of different set-ups for these; at the dining room table (too uncomfortable for prolonged periods) and on the sofa in the lounge (coffee table too low and sofa to deep). So we’ve opted for the sofa in the kitchen with a lap-top positioned on the high chair. It’s perfect!


In the afternoon I had a trial run for my grand-daughters birthday cake. I can’t remember when I last made a cake. It’s got to be decades ago.

I used the Mary Berry all-in-one method to make two, 2-egg sponges. I had to make them one after the other as I only have one square cake-tin.  I sandwiched them with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream icing. I think it was a success. Next time I need to try and get my butter softer before I try to work with it though.


I’m still really stiff and sore after my fall the other day. I keep finding bruises and scratches that I hadn’t noticed before. My back muscles and upper arms are tight and sore. The swelling on my face is going down as the bruising continues to develop. Today, I started to get sinus pain and a headache when I bend down and wondered if I had damaged my sinuses. I’m not even sure if that matters. Is it ok just to leave it?

I decided to ring 111. It turns out that falling onto your face from a standing position is regarded as serious injury. They were concerned that I could have fractured any number of small bones in my face. They said I should go to A&E for an X-Ray. I explained that I wasn’t too happy about that, as we are self-isolating for M’s protection. So, I agreed to keep an eye (pardon the pun) on things and, if needs be, arrange a “clean” X-Ray through my GP.

We went for a little walk and had our, now usual, very unusual, Time of Covid, Saturday Night, watching rubbish on the TV that we would never usually watch.

No alcohol after our boozy Friday!




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