Friday, May 15, 2020, Day 61, Week 9, Month 3 of Self Isolation.

The Numbers

384 new deaths taking the total to 33,998.

The News

The UK R number has gone up! It seems to vary around the country. In the North East it is over 1 and in London it is really low. Must be the rationale for the proposal to lockdown discrete geographical areas.

Not a good sign for the easing of restrictions!

The New Way of Life

My bruising had come out and I have quite an impressive black eye. I’ve never had one before. I’m quite enjoying it in a weird sort of way. I’m quite stiff and keep discovering lots of scratches all over my body. I think I have a couple of thorns in my hands too. That’ll teach me!


I went out for another walk today. I walked very slowly and carefully, as if I didn’t trust my own feet! Ha! Ha!

Haven’t done any “work” work today. M had been on virtual meetings all day. I cleaned the kitchen area again and sanitised and put away another big grocery delivery.

My daughter popped over to collect a form I printed out for her. She brought our little granddaughter, A, and her teenage stepdaughter. We had a doorstep chat. This time A seemed less upset and she didn’t try to come into the front garden. She did seem a bit bemused and not as happy to see us as she usually is. She almost seemed a bit shy as if we were strangers. I so hope we’ll be able to pick up our relationship when this is all over.

Had yesterdays left over curry for and early dinner. Writers Group starts at 5.30pm – its 5.15 now so I need to go and get ready.






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