Wednesday, May 13, 2020, Day 59, Week 9, Month 3 of Self Isolation.

The Numbers

494 new deaths taking the “official” total to 33,186.

The News

The government have announced that house sales can resume, in a socially distanced and thoroughly sanitised way of course. Whatever?!

Primary schools are set to open on the 1st of June.

The unions are up in arms about all of this. I heard from a teacher that their unions are not happy about staff safety if schools re-open. The general feeling among teachers seems to be that this is not about children, but about getting their parents back to work.

Transport workers unions are threatening to stop trains running after crowds of people used public transport to return to work today.

I hope it doesn’t happen, but I’m predicting a second wave that is worse than the first. It’s just too soon. I know it’s hard and some people are really suffering economically but we could be making things even worse for ourselves.

Jeremy Corbyn posted this on Facebook a couple of days ago:

Today I challenged Boris Johnson on how this crisis has exposed grotesque levels of inequality and vulnerability.
Now he has given unscrupulous employers carte blanche to force people back to work when it is not safe, putting more lives in danger.
People must come before profit.

The New Way of Life

Sadly, the cleaner from the pub at the end of our road lost her battle with Covid-19 yesterday. She had been on a ventilator for 4 weeks after falling ill early on in the crisis.

Last night we finished watching Gangs of London. Very good. Very violent, very gripping and very confusing but very addictive. We would definitely recommend if you have a strong stomach!

Last night, around midnight, an ambulance pulled up next door. I thought it sounded like someone was having their shopping delivered and looked out the window to see who on earth would be delivering at that time!

Instead, I saw the baby next door being taken off in the ambulance with her mother. She’s only about 9 months old. Mum is still on maternity leave. Her parents are both doctors. Dad works in an Accident and Emergency Department. I hope she’s ok. No idea what could be wrong.

I’ve been feeling a bit off the past few days. Dull headache, slight sore throat, sore irritated eyes and feeling very tired. I think it might be hay fever. I can’t see how I could have caught a cold from anywhere! Last night I couldn’t sleep because I had a tickly cough. I felt so bad this morning I took a Lemsip and one of M’s super-strong antihistamines. I feel better but headache is creeping back in now.

This Covid-19 thing has a tendency to cause extreme sensitivity and paranoia about every ache or pain or sniffle.

We had a virtual meeting with our potential client this morning. Unfortunately, it turns out that they can’t use Zoom, our preferred platform, as they are a public sector organisation. They can only use Microsoft Teams.

I spent the whole morning and the first part of the afternoon looking into this. Making phone calls, watching tutorials, reading reviews etc. etc. about Microsoft Teams.

The conclusion is that Teams is just too “big” for us to consider as a small, family business. We’d have to transfer all our personal Microsoft data over to the business account.  It would duplicate some stuff and give us some stuff that we would never use. So, we’re going to stick with Zoom as the one we pay for. We’ll have to see if it will work if the client hosts the event and invites us as guests.

The good news is, that we have couple of takers for our free seminar next week for the local business network. That is a real motivation for us to do some work on that tomorrow.

The new guidance states that two people can meet in a park for a while as long as they stay 2 metres apart. It also allows picnics! My daughter and I have arranged to meet in a park next Thursday evening, after the baby has gone to bed (and after our on-line seminar!). We are going take rugs, snacks and wine! I can’t wait! I think its in keeping with the rules and safe. M is ok with it. He’s going to run me over there and pick me up.

I’ve had a really frustrating day. Seemed to have spend a lot of time with nothing to show for it. I went for a lovely long walk on my own in the late afternoon. M seems a bit grumpy too. He’ll read this and will get even grumpier but it is what it is …

Our supplies are running low. We badly need out next shop to arrive. It’s due Friday.

I’m on the wine early tonight! I need it!


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