Tuesday, May 12, 2020, Day 58, Week 9, Month 3 of Self Isolation.

The Numbers

627 new deaths taking the total to 32,965, reflecting the usual peak after the weekend trough. ONS data suggests that the UK has seen 55,000 excess mortality during the Covid-19 epidemic.

The News

The job furlough scheme is going to be extended until October at a cost of £8 billon per month to the government.

Lots of questions still about anomalies in the new guidance. For example, a fifty year old Teaching Assistant is to return to work but is still not permitted to see her own grandchildren. People can meet one person from their family in a park as long as they stay 2 metres apart, but they can’t do the same in their own garden no matter how big it is.

The New Way of Life

I smashed my phone screen this morning. Quite a disaster in The Time of Covid. It’s a bit of a lifeline. Found a shop online in Selly Oak where I could get it repaired. So, I got up and dressed and put my makeup on for my big adventure!

I took a mask with me. I didn’t wear it. I felt silly and no-one else was. I bought some back in March when we were still planning to go to Athens. Seems like a lifetime ago now.

It was nice to get out. The car was still working! The sun was shining. There was lots of traffic and people about. Where were they all going?

The shop felt very safe. One customer at a time, social distancing and all that. I handed over my phone, picked it up 40 minutes later with a brand new shiny screen for just £35.

Actually, it wasn’t quite like that! As soon as I had dropped it off I needed to go to the loo. Everywhere that might have been a potential loo stop In the past was closed. I couldn’t pop in to a garage or a café, or even a supermarket. By the time I had queued to get in I could have been home and back!  I was 15 minutes from home, around 6 or 7 miles away. I didn’t think I could wait 40 minutes for my phone and then another 15 in the car. So, I drove all the way home, relieved myself, and drove all the way back! Oh well, at least the car got a good run out!

Spent the afternoon reading and writing. The day seemed to fly past.

We’ve got some interest for an online seminar! Watch this space. Fingers crossed.

Trying out Fondant Potatoes for dinner tonight – along with jerk pork chops and greens.


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