Saturday, April 18, 2020, Day 34, Week 5, Month 2 of Self Isolation.

Global Cases 2,280,062
Global Deaths 156,329
UK Cases 108,692
UK New Deaths 847 Total Deaths 14,576

I’m late writing this today. It’s 4.30 in the afternoon! But then again, it is Saturday! We had a late night last night and been a bit hungover today. More about that later, but first;

The Numbers

Death rate still steadily rising. No sign of the start of the decline yet,

The News

The police have published new guidance on what you can and can’t do during the next 3 weeks of lockdown.

You can drive a short distance in your car to exercise but you must be cycling or walking for longer than your are driving.

You can’t drive somewhere, get out of your car for 10 minutes and drive home again.

You can go on a very long walk and stop for a short break to eat a picnic lunch.

You can’t walk down to your local park and sit on a bench all afternoon.

You can buy non-essential and luxury items as part of your big shop.

You can‘t make a special trip to the shops to buy them.

You can buy tools and supplies to repair a broken fence.

You can’t buy paint and brushes to redecorate your kitchen.

And so on, and so on …

The good news is that you can excersise outside the home more than once a day! Yey!

There is more and more talk about the fact that this is going to take years rather than weeks or months, and the economic impact will be devastating.

We are becoming resigned to the fact that it could be a very, very long time indeed before we go out for a drink or a meal, go to the theatre or the cinema, or have a holiday. But, we have our home, we are ok for money and we have each other, so we are more fortunate than many.

The New Way of Life

I didn’t do any exercise yesterday because of my vertigo. I read in bed until the early afternoon and I felt a bit better.

In the afternoon I cooked a lamb curry and a cauliflower and lentil dahl. They were delicious, even if I say so myself.

We had virtual writers group, via the House Party app, from about 5.30 pm until 7.30 and then our partners joined us for a very boozy quiz-night.  We won!

At writers group I decided that, when this is all over, I’m going to copy and paste this Covid blog into a book and self-publish it on Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s not really because I think people will want to buy it and read it, but because it means it will be a more permanent record of these strange times we are living through. If it just exists on this website/blog, it will be gone if and when I give up the site. If it is in book form it will still be there for my grand children and great grandchildren to read 50 years from now.

Fell in to bed well after midnight. It felt like the closest thing to a night out we’ve had since we went into isolation.

Today we had a very long lie in, then lazed about, rehydrated and comfort ate to feed our hangovers until 3pm when we took part in another quiz! This time it was organised by my daughter’s partners side of the family and was very much a family affair. It was fun!

Totally exhausted now after so much social activity in 24 hours!

Writing this then going to watch the finals of MasterChef with another can of Diet Coke and some nibbles.





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