Friday, April 17, 2020, Day 33, Week 5, Month 2 of Self Isolation.

Global Cases 2,192,597
Global Deaths 147,376
UK Cases 103,093
UK New Deaths 861 Total Deaths 13,729

The Numbers

As expected, the death rate rose again today after the numbers from the Bank Holiday weekend filtered through. However, it’s not as bad as I expected, assuming we are being told the truth of course.

I’m hearing about more and more people in the village who have been affected. There is a pub a few doors down from us and, often in the mornings, I see the cleaner in there working, or sitting outside having a cup of tea with the owner. Yesterday, as I returned from a little walk the owner was in there sweeping the floor with the door open. We spoke for a bit. He told me the cleaner, an elderly lady, had been admitted the night before and is now on a ventilator at Heartlands Hospital. I hope she’ll be ok.

A young family have revealed on the village Face Book group, that their father has been fighting for his life on a ventilator for the past two weeks. He has three young daughters.

Apart from the USA our numbers are the highest at the moment. The new deaths in Italy and Spain are slowly falling to around 500 a day. France is similar to us. We have the fifth highest total number of deaths and we are still not through the worst.

Truly strange and terrible times.

The News

I didn’t even bother listening to the daily briefing yesterday.

Unsurprisingly, they announced that lockdown will continue for at least another 3 weeks and social distancing will probably continue until a vaccine is available.

China have announced a much larger (over 50%) than first reported death rate prompting claims of a big cover up – again no surprise there.

Pick a number, any number.

Still big concerns around the lack of PPE. PPE! There’s an acronym very few people will have ever used in conversation pre-Covid. Now its all anyone is talking about.

Captain Tom’s 100th birthday came and went and he has raised £18 million so far. He’s decided to keep going as long as people are donating, and his legs hold out!

The New Way of Life

I’m a bit late writing this today as I’m not feeling 100%. Since my 20’s I have suffered on and off with a condition called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). It’s basically dizziness and nausea that is provoked by head position or sudden movements. I  noticed it yesterday and had a bad turn when I turned over in bed last night.

I don’t get it very often now. It can be years in between attacks. A bit annoying that it has come along now. Usually it comes when I am tired and stressed. Despite the current situation I am neither at the moment. I haven’t slept so much or been so relaxed in years.

M and I were discussing yesterday why it is that I am so relaxed at the moment. I think it’s a combination of letting go of stuff I have no control over, and having no trips, events or other activities to plan for. I’ve even got more chilled about keeping the house clean and tidy. What’s the point? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not dirty or a mess, in case you imagined us both living in squalor. It’s just not as immaculate and pristine as I usually like it to be. I even left some washing in the machine overnight a couple of days ago!!!!! What’s going on?

Anyway, I’m going to get M to do the Epley manoeuvre for me in a bit. That usually helps.

I did my accounts yesterday and dropped them off with my accountant (in a socially distant way) on my way to and from the shop to get a little bit of shopping.

Came back and made a carrot cake with all my languishing, left-over carrots. I couldn’t get icing sugar and had to make some with caster sugar in my spice grinder. Still not quite enough, so the frosting was a bit soft but otherwise yummy! So much for not making any more cakes!


The weather is still beautiful. Our bike ride was lovely apart from the fact that a teenage boy came so close to me that his arm brushed against mine! We were taking a breather on the side of the road, half way up a big hill, when he came down the pavement and did a big skid turn right beside me. It was weird. All the way home, I could almost feel the spot on my arm where he had touched me. I couldn’t wait to get in and wash him off.

It must be so difficult for teenagers and their parents at the moment. There are lots of posts on social media that are shaming teenagers who are not following the social distancing rules, and judging their parents. They are a difficult group to parent in the best of times. They must be nearly impossible to deal with now.

In the evening, we had another Clap for Carers at 8pm. It seems to be getting shorter and less enthusiastic as time goes by. It has evolved into more of a catch up with the neighbours.

We binge watched an interesting series on Netflix called Unorthodox. After a slow start it got really good. Based on a true story of a young woman who ran away from New York to Berlin to escape her life as an oppressed wife in the ultraorthodox community in Williamsburg, New York. We’d definitely recommend.

M exchanged emails with his consultant who was pleased to here that everything is going so well with him. He needs to arrange some blood tests and an ECG with the GP as the azithromycin can have some serious side effects. He still seems really well though!

Anyway, its 12.30 and I’m going to try and get up in a bit. I’m supposed to be cooking a curry this afternoon. Were having a virtual Writers Group tonight followed by a curry and quiz night with all of our partners. Might even put on some proper clothes, other than tracksuit trousers and sports tee-shirts, and maybe some jewellery and makeup!










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