Monday, June 22, 2020, Day 99, Week 15, Month 4 of Self Isolation.

The New Way of Life

The weather is better. I’m not sure I can say the same for my mood. Things between M and I are still a bit frosty. I’m feeling generally a bit fed up with it all.

It’s a confusing and frustrating period for us at the moment. Lockdown is easing. People are getting on with their lives, albeit in a very different way to their pre-Covid lives. I’d still like to see lower daily numbers of infections before we make any significant changes.

Even some family members are saying they think we should just let it run its course now. They think it’s ok for low risk people to get back to normal. When we say that’s too risky for us, it feels as if they are saying, that’s a choice that we have made.  The trouble is, if transmission levels and viral load is high in the community M is still at risk and  we can’t get on with our lives, but, “herd immunity” could enable the virus to run its course quicker and we could get back to some semblance of normality too. Arghhhh!

So, at the moment no significant change for us. Yes, we can see people outside and have people in our garden, but we’re not going to be going into pubs, shops or restaurants any time soon, unless its absolutely necessary. Saying that, were going into the city tomorrow to get M’s Apple watch fixed, I really want to get my hair cut fairly soon (hairdressers are opening from the 4th of July) and I have a hospital appointment towards the end of July.

I’m tired too. My sleep patterns are all over the place again. Partly, due to our “disagreement”, partly due to the fact I’ve had a really bad tension headache for a couple of days and partly ’cause I’ve been playing The Last of Us II a bit too much – maybe they are all related? Ha Ha!

I’m feeling guilty that we’re not doing more again too. Apart from a little bit of writing, housework, exercise, shopping and cooking I’m not really doing much.

In short, I’m just generally not in a great place at the moment.

I worked on my biography project for a bit, and cooked a chilli. I also, took one of the Bajan Rum cakes over to my daughter. I haven’t been on  walk or a bike ride for a couple of days. Just haven’t felt like it but also feel guilty that I haven’t. Eek! Need to pull myself together.

Flights are resuming to Barbados in July on a weekly basis at first; British Airways from Gatwick and Virgin from Heathrow. But, no change on the 14 day quarantine rule in Barbados yet.

The News

Cinemas, pubs and restaurants are set to reopen from 4th July. Cinemas! Really?

Infections are surging in Florida.

New outbreaks in Germany taking their R back up to near 3! Several outbreaks in meat processing plants in several countries. Apparently the conditions are ripe for virus transmission. In Germany, workers are refusing to self-isolate and this is having to be enforced!

Shielding is set to end from the 1st of August. We will see.

The Numbers

15 new deaths. Total 42,647.

958 new cases.

Low, but reflective of post-weekend numbers throughout.

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