Sunday, June 21, 2020, Day 98, Week 14, Month 4 of Self Isolation.

The New Way of Life

I’m a bit cross with M today. Well, not a bit, very actually.

After almost 100 days of shielding and sacrifices, all for his protection, his rugby mate rang up and invited himself round for a coffee this morning, as he was playing golf in the area. Without hesitation and with no discussion with me, M said yes!

Oh, ok! So no-one has been in our garden or house for months. No family. No friends. Not even the window cleaner! Now, at the drop of a hat, because of some misplaced male macho nonsense that makes him unable to say the word no, or admit that he is shielding, someone who we don’t know anything about in terms of whether they have been “following the rules” is coming round for coffee. He’s a nice guy, but the casual way he invited himself round, suggests to me that we’re not the first people he has visited during lockdown. Just saying.

I am livid!

To add insult to injury, because I wasn’t expecting anyone, the house wasn’t very clean and tidy. I had to get up and spend a couple of hours cleaning while M sat in bed watching TV, saying he didn’t know why I was doing it because it didn’t need doing, and he didn’t know why I was cross. Apparently, he hasn’t done anything wrong.

I kept out of the way when his friend was here. He came into the house to use the bathroom.

I’ve been fuming all day.

I’m so upset I can’t write about anything else today.

The News

There was a dreadful  terrorist stabbing incident in Reading on Saturday night. Three people have been killed and 11 injured (3 seriously) when a Libyan man ran around attacking people who were drinking and socialising in a park.

The Numbers

As usual the Sunday numbers are low.

43 new deaths. Total 42,632.

New Cases 1,121

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