Saturday, May 2, 2020, Day 48, Week 7, Month 2 of Self Isolation.

The Numbers

621 new deaths bringing the total to 28,131.

The News

PM wants the country back to work by the end of May.

He has named his baby Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas. The Nicholas is a tribute to two of the doctors that looked after him in hospital.

The briefing was all about helping people who are suffering from domestic abuse during the lockdown.

The New Way of Life

Lazy morning. Read and made a few phone calls.

I started the sauce for my daughter. Its a very sticky, sweet and sour sauce. I thought I’d turned it off when we went pour for our bike ride the whole house was full of smoke. Instead of turning it off I’d turned it up! Nearly burned the house down.

I had to go round to Tesco and buy some of the ingredients all over again. It’s a 3 hour process. Have started it all over again and I’m about half way though now.

Lazy Saturday night though still, pizza and shit TV!

Short one as I’ve done one today already!

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