Thursday, April 23, 2020, Day 39, Week 6, Month 2 of Self Isolation.

The Numbers

It’s 3.30 pm. I gave you yesterdays numbers yesterday and todays haven’t come through yet.

The WHO have warned that up to half of all deaths in Europe have happened in Care Homes. Truly shocking.

The News

26.4 million people have claimed unemployment support. Almost a third of the population!

Guidance for resuming air travel has suggested leaving the middle seat on the plane free to enable social distancing. The boss of Ryanair (obviously a covidiots) has refused to do this, citing it as ridiculous.

Scotland has published their lockdown exit strategy. It will be phased with pubs and restaurants last to open and large public gatherings to be banned for the foreseeable future. Children may go back to school in shifts, so that pupils are not all at school at the same time.

Experts are predicting a second wave this winter that will be worst than the first. Echo’s of The Spanish Flu.

The New Way of Life

I’m sleeping much better and my concentration has improved. I’ve spent the 3rd day in a row working on my biography project and its coming along nicely. I’m finding if I start writing soon after I wake up, I can keep going till the early afternoon. After that I don’t feel guilty about relaxing for the rest of the day.

So last night I cooked and we watched an episode of Killing Eve followed by the start of a new series called Emergence. Quirky little crime/sci-fi with a hint of Fargo.

We’re definitely settling into the new routine. Eating and drinking less. My weight has stopped going up and I hope its starting to go back down again.

M is doing some work on Resiliance. He’s doing a course that will enable to him to deliver Resilience workshops. Very apt in the current situation.

Thought for the Day

My thought for the day is about hair.

Hair seems to be rapidly becoming something everyone is talking about due to the fact that the hairdressers are all closed.

The internet is awash with videos of people cutting their own hair (usually very badly) or shaving their heads for charity. Don’t make out it’s such a sacrifice guys. Be honest, it was all about vanity and not having much alternative!

There is even talk that hairdressers will be among the first business to be allowed to open. Really? How does that fit with social distancing. Must be fake news generated by sheer desperation.

Women are worried about their roots and all the men I know have stopped shaving. All of them that is, except my poor ex-husband, who is a doctor and has had to shave his signature beard off to make sure his PPE fits properly.

The shaving thing is a bit like what I was talking about a few days ago about our houses being for living in and not for show. If they all hate shaving so muhc why do they do it all? And, will they all do it again as soon as this is all over?

Everyone’s hair is getting noticeably long. One friends husband’s hair has got so long he is wearing it in a little bunch on the top of his head, which she has threatened to cut of with a pair of scissors.

The young guy who lives next door is Nigerian. He always looks incredibly smart and well-groomed. Yesterday, I noticed that even he is developing a slightly unruly afro.

I’m hating my own hair now. I usually wear it short and thinned out. Now, its getting long and thick. I can’t really style it the way I usually do, but I can’t style it in a different way because its not cut that way!

M normally shaves all the hair on his head and face. He’s done since before I met him. I’ve asked hundreds of time to grow it so I could see what its like but he wouldn’t. The closest he came was when we did a two week rafting trip but he shaved it all off the minute we got back to Las Vegas. Now in The Time of Covid, even he has grown a full head of hair and a beard. I really like it! I love the contrast of the tightly curled silver hair against his dark brown skin. I hope he keeps it!

I wonder what we’ll all look like by the end?

PS. Todays death toll came through. 638 in hospitals taking the official total to over 18,000. Were getting closer and closer to the number of 20,000 that they set out at the beginning as the number that they want to stay below.




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