Saturday, March 28, 2020, Day 13, Week 2, of Self Isolation.

Global Cases 665,985
Global Deaths 30,935
UK Cases 17,089
UK Deaths 1,019

We decided to have a fairly lazy day today, to make it feel more like a Saturday. We stayed in bed late, reading and writing. I made us breakfast in bed.

My daughter dropped off the shopping she picked up for us yesterday. She had added a surprise mango!

I played for a bit on my PS4. My Play Station is my slightly embarrassing, guilty pleasure. I’m easily bored and I find it more absorbing and more interactive than watching TV. I first got into it 20 years ago, when my son introduced me to Tomb Raider, and I still only play this type of game. Big worlds, big stories, missions, puzzles etc. I hate driving games, football-type games, and fighting and shoot ’em up games. My favourites are the Assassins Creed series and anything apocalyptic or zombie related. The Last of Us was my absolute favourite of all time, and I can’t wait for the sequel to come out in May. I’m almost finished Assassins Creed Odyssey.

Very indulgently, we watched a movie in the afternoon. We watched Joker, the DVD my friend dropped round during the week. Very, very good. Very dark but brilliant. Joaquim Phoenix was fantastic. By the end I was feeling as though the Joker and his underclass followers were the “goodies” and batman and the privileged were the “baddies”.

We went for another long walk in late afternoon.

The news is all about Italy and Spain still, where deaths rates are truly terrifying. We are waiting to see if this will be us in a couple of weeks time.

Daily briefing was all about further support for businesses and the relaxation of some competion and insolvency rules and regulations.

My sister was stopped by the police today in Harrogate. She lives 15 minutes outside the town, and was driving in to get my dad’s prescriptions sorted out. Her 22 year old son went with her for the drive. He didn’t get out of the car. On the way home they were pulled over and given a serious reprimand for having more than one person in the car. Apparently, only one person is allowed in a car at a time, unless it is for a valid reason. This does not include shopping!

I didn’t know this. I’ve seen loads of cars locally with two or three people in them. Maybe the police in Yorkshire have got less to do and are dealing with different problems than the police in Birmingham and the West Midlands?

For dinner, I cooked a couple of lamb chops and made some pepperonata with what was in the fridge. Made a couple of delicious mango daiquiris with the mango!



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