The Cauldron of Fire, Michael Andrews

Cauldron** spoiler alert **

This was the best so far for me in The Alex Hayden Chronicles. The quality of the writing has improved with each book, making the characters even more engaging and the story flow more naturally. However, part of the enjoyment came from having read the first two books in the series and getting caught up in the story.

I love how the supernatural world is expanding exponentially! In book one we just had Vampires and Witches. Book two, introduced werewolves, and now we have even more powerful witches, bramble pixies and ogres!

I enjoyed the way the flashbacks are integrated into the story, gradually revealing Alexander’s past and, indeed, the past of all of the supernatural characters and how they are linked. This book brings a lot of plot lines together in a very satisfying way and there is a sense that events are reaching their conclusion.

There were some real moments of tension in this book and I found myself afraid for Alex and wondering how on earth he was going to get himself out of a situation. Of course, he always does. A tiny criticism is that the relatively easy way he always extricates himself, is not always worthy of the build up and feeling of extreme danger that is created.

In this book we see Alex feed on a living human for the first time and this adds some realism to the story – he is a vampire after all!

Looking forward to reading book 4 now

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