Dragonfire, Michael Andrews

dragonfireDragonfire, the fourth and latest book in The Alex Haydon Chronicles, was published in October 2018. It continues the tale of Alex, a thousand-year-old, teenage vampire who is caught between his past as a notorious warrior, and his present as a reformed character and “adopted” nephew of a Blackpool police officer.

The novel is a fast-paced, easy read, that exudes imaginative supernatural fantasy, but is set in modern-day Blackpool.

Alex is an authentic and likeable character. In this book, the darkest in the series so far, we are shown, for the first time, glimpses of his violent nature, but because we know him so well, we are somehow able to forgive him.

Unlike many Science Fiction and Fantasy books, Dragonfire does not take itself to seriously making it an enjoyable read for the less avid fan of the genre. It is peppered with gentle sarcasm and tongue in cheek humour. I particularly enjoy the way that Alex sardonically dispels long-accepted human myths about vampires, and corrects ill-informed versions of history, as someone who was actually there as events unfolded.

Dragonfire is available on Amazon at £3.99 for the Kindle edition and £9.99 for the paperback.

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