Book Review – Children of the Sun by Michael Andrews.

Children of the Sun is the fifth and final book in The Alex Hayden Chronicles, which follow the adventures of Alex, a thousand year-old teenage vampire who is caught between his past as a notorious vampire warrior and his present as a reformed character and adopted nephew of Harry, a modern day police officer in Blackpool.

Children of the Sun is a fitting end to the Alex Hayden Chronicles. The plot ties up all the loose ends in a satisfying way but still manages to introduce some surprising new developments and exciting twists and turns.

Everything that is in the other books in the series is there and more. Children of the Sun is an easy read and a great mix of fantasy and modern-day crime fiction. It contains well-developed and likable characters, an intricate and intriguing plot, fast-pace and excitement, humour and irreverence and a hint of romance.

In Children of the Sun, we are reunited with all our favourite characters and yet more aspects to their personalities and backstories are revealed. We physically meet some characters for the first time and come face to face with some new and terrifying monsters.

For those in the know, there is a nod to some locations that are, shall we say, very familiar to the author and his friends.

While we were introduced to the darker side of Alex in The Cauldron of Fire and Dragonfire, The Children of the Sun takes this to another level and it is by far the most violent and disturbing book in the series. But, if JK Rowling can do it, then why can’t Michael Andrews?

Every time I start one of these reviews by saying this is not my usual reading genre but I loved it, and Children of the Sun is no different. I romped through it in half a day and was left with a contented soul and a smile on my face. I thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in Alex’s world for a few hours and am more than a little sad to be saying a final farewell to him and his cronies!

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