Wednesday, June 24, 2020, Day 101, Week 15, Month 4 of Self Isolation.

The New Way of Life

I’m fed up trying to think about interesting things to write about life in the Time of Covid now. Let’s face it. Now that the initial drama is over and things are beginning to ease there’s not much to say.

I’m sure you’re as fed up reading about what I did and didn’t do, what I baked, what we had for dinner and what we watched on TV, as I am writing about it. To be honest, I have other writing projects, and other things in general that I’d like to focus on now.  I’m doing a Business Planning session with a client on Saturday, I have my biography to finish, my novel to edit, people I want to invite round to our garden or visit in theirs, bike rides to go on etc. etc!

So, from today, I’m going to take the government’s lead and only post on an ad hoc basis if there is anything interesting to report. Just assume that unless I say so, there is nothing new to tell you.

The purpose of this blog was to record, for posterity and our grandchildren, what happened and what life was like for us all in the Time of Covid. (I love saying in the Time of Covid – it reminds me of the book Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez. If you haven’t read it – do so!

So, if you are one of my grandchildren reading this 20 years later, I wonder what life is like for you now?

Was the Time of Covid just something that people talk about that you can’t even imagine, let alone remember. Like our parents used to talk about “The War”. During the war we didn’t have this, we didn’t have that, we couldn’t do this, we couldn’t do that, we had ration books and powdered eggs but everyone came together and we were all happy despite it all.

Or has the time of Covid left a mark on your lives and you don’t know what life was like before it? Do you wonder what it was like when people kissed and hugged each other when they met, do you wonder what it was like when you could browse around the shops, travel on buses, trains and planes without wearing a mask? Do you wonder what it was like when you weren’t served from behind a perspex screen? Do you wonder what it was like when people didn’t carry hand sanitiser round with them all the time? Do you wonder what it was like when people crowded into bars and clubs and went to concerts and sporting events with thousands of other people, all getting hot and sweaty and really close to each other without any fear or concern?

The way we live our lives now has been marked by significant things that have happened in the past. The fear of terrorism has gradually changed a lot of how we live our lives, without us thinking it is strange or unusual. Concrete barriers at the entrances to roads and bridges to prevent vehicle attacks, metal detectors and bag checks to get into buildings and events, and rigorous rules and procedures about what you can take onto a plane in case you are carrying a liquid bomb disguised as a bottle of mouthwash or a shoe bomb hidden in the sole of your fancy trainers. You’ll never know what it was  like when you could wander about freely wherever you wanted and take anything you wanted into a sporting event or a concert, or onto a plane. But, that has become the norm for us. We don’t even think about it any more. We just know that we can’t take any toiletries in our hand luggage when we travel, we know that we will have to take our shoes and belts off to get through security, we know that we will have our bags searched when we go to a concert, the football or the rugby. We know we have to allow extra time for security checks. That’s just how life is now.

Will the things that we all find so strange and restrictive now, in the Time of Covid,  be just how life is for you? Something that you just accept as normal?

Or is it even worse for you now than we can imagine? Wil the mark of the global economic depression that followed the pandemic have changed the course of your life in some way? Has global warming changed the way you live in way that makes The Time of Covid look like a little blip? Have new and even more deadly viruses ravaged the planet?

I hope not. I hope life has gone “back to normal” for you. I hope that my first scenario is your truth 20 years from now. That the Time of Covid is just something that older people talk about, that happened in the past, that you can’t even imagine and wish that they’d stop talking about.

The News

This is the last time I am going to report the news – again, unless there is something really important to say.

Today, the main story is that the Covid antibody tests might not be reliable.

Several police have been injured trying to control illegal street parties in London.

Royal Mail is cutting 2000 jobs and Swiss Port who supply regional airports with support services are cutting 50% of their workforce. Quantas, the main Australian airline, is cutting 6,000 jobs.

Local councils all over the country are about to go bust due to a combination of lack of income and additional costs associated with the pandemic.

New York has imposed a 14 day quarantine for people coming into the state from other states in the USA. Failure to comply will result in sever fines and people are being asked to self-police it by reporting people they know who have come in from other places and are not isolating.

The Numbers

154 new deaths. Total 43,08.

New cases 652 – lowest for a while. Getting closer to the 500 mark that will give us the confidence to relax a little.





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