Friday, June 19, 2020, Day 96, Week 14, Month 4 of Self Isolation.

The New Way of Life

It’s getting really tiresome now. Every day we wake up and have to remind each other what day it is. We don’t seem to be able to summon up the motivation to do all the jobs around the house that we have talked about. It’s as if we’re in strange sort of limbo waiting for something to change, or something to happen.

I don’t think the weather is helping. It’s still wet and dull and today it was really windy. It made the bike ride really hard work.

But, nothing dramatic is going to happen. We could be waiting like this for many months more.

I worked on my biography in the mornng. Three or four more chapters and the first draft should be done.

Had a late lunch and then went on our bike ride.

I think I’ve mentioned my, age inappropriate, PlayStation guilty pleasure before. In 2013 I completed the best game I have ever played called “The Last of Us”. Today, seven years later, my pre-ordered copy of “The Last of Us II” arrived. I wasn’t expecting it. It was due in May but delayed because of the pandemic.

When I came down for lunch, an Amazon package had arrived. Inside was a really old karaoke game for the Wii. I was totally confused. Was it a mistake? Was it a scam? Had my account been hacked? Was it for someone else? What was going on?

I picked up my phone and was about to check my Amazon Account, when I heard M sniggering. He got me! Got me good! He took my real game out of the cupboard where he had hidden it and handed it to me. Poor thing. He knows he’s lost me to the PlayStation for a while now. I need to try and limit the time I spend on it. It can be a very unhealthy obsession.

M was cooking so I had a couple of hours to load it up and try it out while he made dinner.

At least it solves my problem of running out of things I want to watch on TV. I’m sure he’ll be able to find a few shoot’em ups that he can watch while I am otherwise engaged.

The News

Today the government announced that we have moved down to the next Covid alert level.


We were at 4 and we are now at 3.

This coincided with the WHO stating that the world is entering a new and dangerous phase of the pandemic. They feel that easing lockdown and entering the Track and Trace phase could lead to a dangerous and uncontrollable second wave. We will see.

A new £1 billion fund has been announced to help disadvantaged children to “catch-up” with their education.

The Numbers

173 new deaths bringing the total to 42,461.

1,346 new cases.

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