Wednesday, June 17, 2020, Day 94, Week 14, Month 4 of Self Isolation.

The New Way of Life.

We had an unusual day today! I had to set the alarm for 7.30 as I was hosting a local business network meeting on Zoom at 09.00. We are still sleeping in so late these days, it has become our new normal.

The meeting finished at 10.00 and I did a little bit of writing until my Ocado grocery delivery arrived at 11.00.

After I had put it all away, I had a long shower and tried to something with my horribly overgrown hair, before a virtual Song Contest with a friend in the afternoon.

Every Wednesday, one of our friends, A, a single man who has been furloughed and in lockdown on his own, has a Song Contest, with another couple, S&S. S&S are in Brussels visiting their family this week so we said we would do it with him instead. We were pre-warned that it was a prolonged business and so decided to start at 2pm rather than sitting up until 2am, as they usually do. I think we also flirted with the idea of doing it in the garden, but the weather put paid to that. We have had dramatic thunderstorms in the afternoon for several days in a row now.

The Song Content consists of each player, preselecting 29 songs from a list of criteria such as: makes you happy, makes you sad, has a number in the title, has a name in the title, from the year of your birth, makes you want to dance etc. etc. Then we play them all and each player gives the others a score for each song: 1 if you love it, 1/2 if you like it and 0 if your hate it.

29 songs, at an average of 3 minutes per song, for 3 people takes about 4.5 hours to get through. When you add in chats, loo breaks and topping up drinks and snacks etc. its a very long game! We started at 2 and finished at 8.30pm! I drank the best part of 2 bottles of wine over the 6.5 hours and fell into bed not long after 9pm!

So, I’m actually writing this blog on Thursday!

The News

The premier league football started up again today with no spectators. After a minutes silence for the victims of Covid-19, and the whistle was blown, the players all “took the knee” in a gesture of support for #blacklivesmatter.

China and India have been “clashing” on the border – something to do with sovereignty. Reports suggest that about 20 soldiers have died!

The Numbers

184 new deaths taking the total to 42,153.

1,115 new cases.

Germany seems to be experiencing the start of a second wave!

2 days ago they had 338 new cases and yesterday they had 1,797! The isolated outbreak has been in Berlin and affected over 300 households who live in close proximity to each other.

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