Friday, June 12, 2020, Day 89, Week 13, Month 4 of Self Isolation.

The New Way of Life

We’ve both admitted to feeling a bit fed up with it all again. Lots of other people seem to be picking their lives up again. Meeting up, going back to work and so on. All except us. The government are announcing little things that people can do again but many people seem to be already doing them!

We went for our bike ride early yesterday as the weather forecast for the afternoon was bad. This week was supposed to be national bike week. Cars were supposed to be making a special effort to give cyclists a car width’s space when overtaking them. Honestly, I didn’t see much evidence of that. There were a few occasions when I could have touched cars as they brushed past me! We’re beginning to think that it may be better just to drive in the middle of the lane and be damned!

I didn’t open my computer yesterday! Had a day off from writing, emails etc. I watched some TV and did my cross-stitch. I’ve got two on the go now. A small London sky-line and an enormous Japanese Cherry Blossom scene. The Japanese kit came from China. The pattern is stamped on the canvas, which is helpful but you can see the stamping ink beneath the stitches. I’ve never done one like this before. I had to do  a bit of “googling” to find out how to use it. Its’s a massive piece. I don’t want to get through and find the dye doesn’t wash out easily – it could take me years to finish it!

M recorded a video on his personal experience of racism throughout his life, as his part of #blacklivesmatter. He posted it on social media. It’s very powerful and lots of people have commented on it.

It was writers group and quiz night. I didn’t make our usual curry – we had Pizza instead. I’ll do the curry tomorrow.

The News

Anti-racism protests continue. Far-right groups are coming out now in opposition which usually results in violence. We’ve had a couple of time when we’ve got caught up in this type of thing. Horrible. Once in London with the so-called Football Lads Alliance and once in Birmingham with the English Defence League. Vile people.

The Numbers

202 New Deaths, Total 31,481 – it just keeps going up and up.

1,541 New Cases




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