Tuesday, May 26, 2020, Day 72, Week 11, Month 3 of Self Isolation.

The Number

134 new deaths today, taking the total to 37,048. ONS estimates this to be 45,231.

The News

We’re still talking about bloody Dominic Cummings! Some Conservative MPs have started resigning in protest.

In the meantime, supercar makers McLaren have cut 1,200 jobs. It appears that no one is buying supercars at the moment. The New York Stock Exchange has re-opened and an antiviral drug that might aid recovery from the virus is available on the NHS.

Plans are being made to open non-essential shops from the 15th of June. Holiday destinations are announcing their plans to open up to tourists in the coming months.

The New Way of Life

Our neighbour decided to have a few beers on his balcony last night. He does it from time to time, usually when the weather is good and he’s been drinking all day. He gets loud and sings into the wee small hours. Last night it finished at 2am, which is quite early for him. I suspect he’s not the sort of person who would react well if we spoke to him about it so we just suffer in silence.

I’d lost 2lb this morning so day one of the “diet” went well. I hope it wasn’t a fluke! I’ve tried to be good today again and have had a walk and a bike ride.

I did my Biobank blood test this morning. It involved pricking my finger with a lance and squeezing 0.5 ml of blood into a little tube. No mean feat! It’s actually quite a lot of blood to get from a tiny prick! Anyway, posted it off.

I had my first foray into the world of fondant icing. I was very nervous! I rolled out the brown icing and cut out a headboard and footboard for the bed I’m going to make on Thursday. I’m quite scared about the next stage! The icing was a bit tricky to work with and the packet didn’t seem to go very far! I barely had enough to make both pieces. I ‘ve only got one packet of white to cover the bed (cake) and make the pillows. I’ve also got a packet of blue for the bedspread. I think I’m going to have to be very creative! I’m going to have to set the whole day aside to give myself plenty of time.

I know, they look a bit rough and ready!

Anyway, off to make Pasta Puttanescu for dinner!





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