Sunday, May 24, 2020, Day 70, Week 10, Month 3 of Self Isolation.

The Numbers

118 new deaths, taking the total to 36,793 (and the rest). Our total is the highest numerically after the USA. Our rate per million is now equal to that of Italy. In Europe our rate is the highest after Belgium at 801 per million and Spain at 615 per million but we may still catch up and overtake them as our daily death rate is still higher than their’s at 74 and 43 respectively.

The News

All anyone is talking about is Dominic Cummings and whether he is going to resign or not. I can’t stand him! He was the architect of the Brexit campaign and conned loads of working class people into voting Tory. He’s an arrogant and selfish liar.

He’s been in No. 10 all day. Its 5pm and we’re waiting for today’s briefing by the Prime Minister.

PS. the PM is still supporting him.

I’ve coined a new phrase:

Stay Elite

Control the Masses

Save Yourselves

The New Way of Life

We’ve had a quiet day today again. I’ve been reading my book The End of the World Survivors Club. I’m in to the story now. It’s got better the further in I’ve got. The writing quality is inconsistent. In parts its clunky and overwritten. Sometimes I have to read the same section over and over again to understand what the author is trying to communicate. Some of the metaphors are just plain weird. Worst of all though, is that some elements are just not believable. A woman who had broken her leg and been in a coma for 12 weeks just wakes up and starts wandering about. Really?

But, the story is good and I want to know what happens to the characters. There are some flashes of lovely writing and some of the characters are authentic.

I’ve cooked a Beef Goulash with Caraway Dumplings for dinner.

M went on a bike ride and I went for a walk.

From tomorrow, I need to lose weight. It’s been slowly creeping up during lockdown and more so since I stopped cycling.

I’m going to eat less, drink less wine (probably only drink alcohol at weekends) and get the cycling going again. I take my last antibiotic tomorrow morning and my sinusitis feels much better now.

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