Thursday, May 7, 2020, Day 53, Week 8, Month 2 of Self Isolation.

The Numbers

539 new deaths taking the total to 30,615. It feels a little bit as though there’s been a little kick up?

The News

The Bank of England is predicting the biggest recession on record after the lock-down is over.

It seems that the transmission rate is rising. Could be due to care homes? Could also be due to selfish and irresponsible covidiots.

Evidence has shown that black British people are almost twice as likely to die from the virus than white.

Globally, they are predicting multiple famines of biblical proportions all over the world.
Brazil has seen the biggest daily death rate in the Southern Hemisphere, of 615.

The government has begged people to carry on following the rules to prevent a lethal wave. We haven’t seen much evidence of that. There seemed to be more cars than ever on the road when we went out for our bike ride.

The New Way of Life

Last night we finished watching Normal People. We really enjoyed it! Very well-observed and well-acted complex love affair. Definitely recommend.

I contacted the people who we have booked the house in Barbados with for next April. I asked them if we could move our booking forward by 6 months so that we would go out in October to April instead of April to October for the same price, even though it will be high season then. They said yes, as they have had so many cancellations. Now, we have to consider this very, very carefully. We don’t want to jump from the frying pan into the fires! Things to consider are:

  • Flights – Will we get one that we can afford? Will it be safe?
  • Quarantine – At the moment anyone entering Barbados is required to stay in their quarantine centre for 2 weeks. Will that be safe?
  • Finance – Can we afford it? Will our savings and investments that we have put aside for the trip still we worth the same? What will the exchnage rate be doing if we are in a recession?
  • Barbados – What will Barbados be like? If they are in recession too will there be more crime? Will prices be high? Will there be shortages of power and water etc?
  • Another Global Crisis – If there is another wave over the winter could we get stuck there if more travel restrictions are put in place?
  • Health – I was hoping to get my gall bladder out before we went next April – could it wait until next Spring? If we got the virus out there, how good would the healthcare be compared to the UK?

So, lots to think about!

M got a text from the government today, advising him to continue to shield until the 30th June. A week longer than originally requested. Not really a surprise.

I had a bit of a pamper today. I normally get my eyebrows done at a salon. I struggle with them these days. Doing them with my glasses on is tricky and I can’t see what I’m doing without them. So, I got M to do them! It went fairly well to be honest. I did my toenails as well and exfoliated in the shower.

The monkeys for the cake arrived today. I’ve selected the best 5 (on the left) to go on the cake and she can have the others to play with.

I also looked up some tips for making the perfect Victoria sponge. Apparently, it’s all about being quick and ensuring that all the ingredients are at room temperature to keep the air in. Going to practice next week!

It’s 6pm, we’ve just got back from a bike ride and I’m going to cook a chilli for dinner!






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