Thursday, April 30, 2020, Day 46, Week 7, Month 2 of Self Isolation.

The Numbers

We have now reached 26,771 deaths. We have the third highest death rate in the world. However, the good news is that we are officially past the peak.

The News

The government is beginning to think about exiting lockdown. It’s all about the R number now. Little steps to see if we can keep it below 1. Looks like we will be asked to wear masks when we all start venturing out again.

South Korea has reported that they have beaten the virus – for the moment anyway. The big fear is around a second wave – possibly more lethal than the first. Remember the Spanich Flu?

Captain Tom was 100 today. He’s raised over £30 million for the NHS.

The New Way of Life

It wasn’t five-spice last night. I think I may have had an olfactory hallucination. Maybe I am losing my mind! It was still really nice though.

We watched an episode of Our Girl and last Saturday’s BGT last night. Exciting times!

It’s been a funny old day today.  Pouring rain pretty much all day. And cold, it felt so cold I had to turn the heating back on. Isolation is so much easier in the sunshine!

I had a walk round to drop in a prescription for M’s antihistamines. He thought he was getting hay fever when the weather was good but it will probably go away again, along with the sun.

Rape is usually a good predictor of his hay fever. We cycle through some rape fields on our bike ride. When we started it was still green and only 6 to 8 inches tall. Now, it sin full bloom and looks about waist height. I’ll take a picture next time we’re out.

We couldn’t cycle today. It was too wet. I missed my bike ride yesterday as I was sleeping instead. So today, I did and hour on the exercise bike while I watched an episode of the Great British Menu as a distraction from the boredom. I did 18.6 km and challenged M to see how many he could do in an hour. I think he did 21 or 22. I’ve forgotten.

I answered an emergency call from my daughter and took a phone charger over for her to borrow, as hers had broken. I dropped in on her doorstep then stepped away whetn she came out to get it. My little granddaughter was so excited to see me. I so want to give her a cuddle! We had a chat through their dining room window for a while until the rain forced me back into the car.

It was weird being out. I’ve almost forgotten how to drive! I took the long way home just for the hell of it! I drove down Shirley High Street to see what was going on! Nothing! Saying that, it was busier than I expected. Quite a few cars. Banks and some takeaway food shops seemed to be open. Aldo looked especially busy wit very little sign of social distancing going on between the crowds of people around the entrance. I shan’t be going there any time soon.

The weather made me crave a lazy afternoon snuggled up on the sofa watching TV so thats what I did.

I made a bake with all my leftover vegetables for dinner; potato, tomato, red pepper and aubergine with feta cheese and porcini mushrooms. It’s in the oven now, bubbling away while M’s has a bath.


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