Sunday, April 26, 2020, Day 42, Week 6, Month 2 of Self Isolation.

The Numbers

438 new deaths today. Definitely seeing a slow decline now.

The government figures show a slight increase in cars on the road and this is definitely the case in our cycling experience.

The News

The Prime Minister is returning to work tomorrow.

The New Way of Life

Last night’s birthday surprise for M went well! A week or so ago he said that the thing he missed most since the lockdown, was sitting outside watching live rugby. We have season tickets for Wasps. This all started only half way through the season, which has now been postponed.

So, I tried to recreate a rugby stadium in our back garden. I created a screen by clipping a sheet to the fence and projected a game from You Tube. I picked arguably the greatest game of rugby ever played; Australia versus New Zealand from the Tri-Nations series in 2000.  I served pie, chips and beans, washed down with Purity Ubu. It was fun and we both enjoyed it. It got very nippy around 9pm but we snuggled up under our fleecy blankets. The evening was made even more special with a great view of Venus in the sky above us.

Today, we went for a bike ride in the morning and I did some braised lamb shanks with mashed potato for Sunday Lunch. It was another glorious day weather wise, but the forecast for the next week is not so good.

I’m wondering how long I should keep writing this? It’s a long slow process and we are only half way through. There is very rarely any new or interesting news to report, and I’m sure our humdrum lockdown lives do not make very interesting reading.

I’ve decided that I’m going to continue for the 12 weeks that M and I kn0w we are definitely going to be in isolation. We enter week 7 tomorrow. After, that I may just post important or interesting updates.

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