Wednesday, April 15, 2020, Day 31, Week 5, Month 2 of Self Isolation.

Global Cases 2,004,989
Global Deaths 126,830
UK Cases 93,873
UK New Deaths 778 Total Deaths 12,107

The Numbers

So, there are now officially over 2 million cases in the world. I say officially because this is only the number of people that have been tested and have had a positive result. If the UK is anything to go by, and we are an affluent, developed world country, there are likely to be millions more who have never been tested. The virus has hit India and Africa now. You don’t need much imagination to speculate about the numbers of dead and infected in these countries that are unreported.

There is more talk about he the actual death rates here in the UK. Some Public Health experts are saying that they may be as much as twice those that are reported.

The reported figures have stabilised over the past few days around the 700 mark. However, we have just had alone Bank Holiday Weekend (whatever that means these days?) and often the figures take a couple of days to catch up after a normal weekend. In addition, the fact that the peak was always predicted to hit around the 17th or 18th of April, makes me fear that the next few days might see some very disturbing numbers indeed. I really hope not.

The News

The big news is that our economy is predicted to shrink by 35% and may not “bounce back” from this as quickly as first thought. They are looking at a recession or even a depression along the lines of those seen after the two world wars!

It’s not really surprising is it? We are in a world war against a tiny invisible enemy.

Trump has, in my opinion, finally taken one step too far! He has blamed the WHO for mismanaging the whole thing and stopped US funding to the organisation. Very bad news and a very bad move on his part. I don’t think he’ll be allowed to get away with this one. The world needs the WHO more than ever now, especially developing countries who have yet to feel the full force of Covid-19 and, due to population size, the USA contribution is massive! It will be interesting to see where this one goes for him.

The New Way of Life

I’m a wee bit late getting started today (Shit, and its only day 2!). I didn’t start writing this until 9.30. Didn’t wake up until 8.30. M woke at 9 when his phone rang. His turn to make the coffee and I can’t write without my first cup of coffee.

I’m not sure what’s going on with our sleep patterns. I’m normally a very early riser. When I wake, I’m awake, and I’m up and at ’em. Usually, between 6 and 7, and sometimes earlier. Now I’m sleeping later and later and, if I get woken early by noises from outside, I’m going back to sleep. It’s odd.

Yesterday was more productive. I wrote two articles for our Key Ways Consulting website. One on Covid-19 and another on a Stress Management programme we offer called IMPACT. The first one was a bit of a news update on what Key Ways are doing (and could do) during the pandemic. It’s already been uploaded by our amazing website man. I’ll get the next one uploaded next week. I’m going to share the link to the Covid-19 one today on various social media places to try and generate a bit of work for us.

I also made some chicken broth with the stock I made form Sunday’s chicken carcass, which was so “substantial” we had it for lunch and dinner!

I did some editing work on Chapter 4 of Wait for Me and, when I’d had enough of that I read in the sunshine before our bike ride.

We did the 8 mile one again. I find it hard doing it two days in a row. My legs felt tired and when I went to bed later I couldn’t sleep because my legs and shoulders were aching. Might do a walk instead today and have a day off from the bike.

Our daughter dropped off some Easter Eggs for us in the evening and we had a little doorstep chat. Lovely surprise! Unfortunately though, her visit coincided with me completing my long-awaited and highly sought after Ocado delivery slot, and I wasn’t able to give either event the full attention it deserved.

Imagine that! The two highlights of my day occurring at the same time! As a result, I forgot to order any vegetables other than carrots, celery and potatoes and the Covid home shopping rules mean that you cant go back in and add to your order! I’ll have to go to our local Tesco to get some. I’m getting that one worked out now though and I’m confident that I’m getting it as safe as it can be.

Enough drivel, its 10 past 10 and I’m going do some more work on Wait for Me Chapter 4 today.



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