Thursday, April 9, 2020, Day 25, Week 4, of Self Isolation.

Global Cases 1,614,858
Global Deaths 96,791
UK Cases 65,077
UK Deaths 881

Another lovely, sunny day. Feeling more energetic today. Quick post today as I want to get back out into the sunshine!

The government reviewed lockdown today and it’s no surprise that it is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Wuhan, the city in China where it all started, is open for business again!

Lots of fake news and conspiracy theories circulating:

  • Boris isn’t really ill
  • Government are covering up real figures to make it look as if their strategy is working
  • The Chinese created the virus in a humungous bio-terror attack

Blah, blah, blah.

Easter weekend approaching with fantastic weather forecast prompting lots of pleas for people to #stayathome.

Picked up our outstanding prescriptions and had a trip out to collect an order from the butchers. Painted my toenails and put some makeup and jewellery on for the occasion! Ordered by phone and picked up in the afternoon when the shop was closed to walk-in customers. M came for the drive but stayed in the car. They are all exhausted – rushed of their feet with reduced staffing and increased demand!

Lovely Facetime with daughter and granddaughter.

Cherry tree in the front garden is in blossom.


Finished reading Breathless by Dean Koontz. Started the Handmaids Tale by Margaret  Attwood. I have read it before, a long time ago, but one of the kids bought it and The Testaments for me for Christmas, so I thought I’d read it again before starting the new book.

Cleaned the kitchen area today again. It’s an open plan kitchen, diner and sitting area with a TV. A big space where we spend the majority of our time.

6 mile bike ride – felt pretty easy so we’ll increase distance again soon.

M is really well at the moment. Coughing less and breathing better. He’s the best he’s been in 2 years, probably because he doesn’t have an infection at the moment and he’s getting lots of exercise. Fingers crossed he stays that way!

Another blue-light ambulance passed the house today. It was still parked on Main Street when we went our for our bike ride later. A friend knows the woman who was taken ill. Kind of a weird story. Apparently, she has all the symptoms of Covid-19 but the ambulance staff did a test and said she hasn’t got the virus – just another type of viral pneumonia so they didn’t take her to hospital. Really? All sounds a bit odd to me. I didn’t think there was a test that paramedics could do in an ambulance? Maybe the rumours of a cover-up conspiracy are true but I honestly can’t imagine hospital and paramedic staff going along with it! Probably just a misunderstanding.

Boris is out of ITU. On the road to recovery.

Clapped for the Key Workers and Carers at 8pm again.

After dinner, we watched Angel has Fallen – a classic “shoot ’em up” movie in my least favourite genre. My sister jokingly told me I should be a “good wife” and watch it with M. I did and it was exactly as I feared. Miniscule plot, minimal dialogue, nauseatingly cheesy characters, a ton of gratuitous violence and a death toll to match.




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