Tuesday, April 7, 2020, Day 23, Week 4, of Self Isolation.

Global Cases 1,446,992
Global Deaths 83,090
UK Cases 55,242
UK Deaths 786

Weirdly, yesterday’s post isn’t showing up on my blog.  It’s in my list of posts on my admin site but not on the website itself.

Oh well, maybe it will show up soon. Our internet is weird at the moment. Also, apparently some social media sites are blocking “misinformation” posts about the Big C. If only, my little journal was so important and widely read that it has been censored. Ha! Ha! Let’s see what happens today!

I’m feeling a bit lethargic today. I write these posts retrospectively, writing today about what happened yesterday. I’m finding it increasingly hard to recall what happened the day before. The days seem so long and yet pass by so quickly at the same time. Maybe its time for a change of tack.

So what do I remember about yesterday? Slept in late, rapidly becoming our new normal. Had a very long (over an hour) Facetime with our son in Sweden. Did some work on the biography I am writing, as I had a meeting with my client/subject/fellow writer in the afternoon (a virtual meeting of course!). Had my meeting at 3pm. Went for our bike ride after that but had to cut it short as M had a flat tyre.

When we got back the window cleaners were in our back garden. Really? Is this an essential service? I was surprised to put it mildly. I was more disturbed though, by the fact that they had violated our outdoor safe space. Like our house, no-one has been in out back garden except us since the 16th of March. I was aware that I was behaving like an irrational crazy woman when I wiped down everything they might have touched with disinfect. Or was I?

It was lovely day again. It really feels like spring is here in earnest now. This time last year we were about to head off to Harris for our St Kilda adventure.

PM is still in ITU. Numbers still rising. People still dying.

When we went up to bed and I went to close the bedroom blinds, there was an ambulance in the street with its engine running. No-one was in the cab so I presumed they were working on someone in the back. Suddenly, a young man jumped out and ran down the ramp into the underground car park for the apartments opposite our house. He drove out in his car a minute or two later. He parked up in front of the ambulance then went back inside it again. A moment later he emerged again, jumped in his car and sped off. The ambulance stayed there with its engine running for ages after that. We could hear the engine running long after we turned of our lights. I got up and looked out again a bit later and it was sitting with all its lights off, interior and exterior, but with the engine still running and no-one in the cab.

I went of to sleep with the awful feeling that someone might be fighting for their life in the back of that ambulance. Maybe they had even lost the fight. Maybe their partner had raced off to the hospital to meet them there, only for them never to arrive. Who were they? Did they live behind one of the sets of windows we can see from our house? There are several apartments where there has been no sign of life for weeks, curtains and blinds closed, no-one sticking their heads out for the Thursday night clap. It’s mostly a young transient population who live in them and have never really got to know any of them. Are there other people who we don’t know about, struggling behind these windows, battling on their own with this horrible virus?



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