Saturday, April 4, 2020, Day 20, Week 3, of Self Isolation.

Global Cases 1,213,194
Global Deaths 65,600
UK Cases 41,903
UK Deaths 708

Another short one today. I’ve got my head down editing and polishing my story for the NYC Midnight Competition.

I’ve finished the first draft and sent it to a few friends for their initial thoughts. I’m not entirely happy with the ending.

Death rates keep rising. It’s almost incomprehensible to read these numbers and fully understand what they mean. A five year old boy has died now.

Keir Starmer has been elected as the new leader of the Labour Party. Not terribly important in the great scheme of things.

The weather forecast for the weekend in very good prompting lots of please from the government and on social media for people to stay indoors.

4000 inmates are going to be released early from prison because of the virus. Prisons are massive hotbeds for infection as well as struggling with staff shortages due to the sickness.

I rang a few folks. We went on a bike ride. I watched a bit of MasterChef.

We had Pizzas for tea to try and make it feel like a Saturday. We watched a slightly odd movie called The Killing of the Sacred Deer – not sure I would recommend it.

Home haircuts are becoming a thing. People are posting pictures of their efforts. Our daughter-in-law has pretty much shaved the heads of our son and grandson with the clippers. The wee one is a bit shy about his but they both look great! It could be the new badge of honour for surviving lockdown!

I keep my hair fairly short. It’s beginning to feel a bit thick and shaggy already. God knows what it will be like in another 10 weeks. I normally have it cut about every 6 weeks. By the time this is over it will be 16 weeks since my last cut!

Anyway, back to my story!


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