Monday, March 30, 2020, Day 15, Week 3, of Self Isolation.

Global Cases 787,438
Global Deaths 37,846
UK Cases 22,141
UK Deaths 180

So, they’re saying that the deaths rates are stabilising. We have been on a steady 200’ish for the past few days. Will this stop it though, or just drag it out? I suppose dragging it out is what they are aiming for to prevent overwhelming the NHS.

It’s really proving hard to get an online shopping slot. As the word it that there is wait of a few weeks for a delivery, I thought I’d plan ahead and get one in, well in advance of when we will run out of things. We have already run out of fresh vegetables. I’m going to try and get these from the butchers again. They have been brilliant and they know us too. If I phone between 1 and 3 and place an order, I can collect it the next day.

All the other online delivery services say they are prioritising vulnerable people. How does that work? how do they know you are a vulnerable person? How do you access priority delivery slots?

It seemed like time to find out why M never received a “very vulnerable person” letter. Maybe that’s the key to unlocking all these priority services? I rang the GP and was asked to email the practice manager with the details of his condition etc. 5 minutes later he got a text telling him he is a very vulnerable person and that a letter is in the post. We will wait in anticipation to see what that brings.

Horrible dull, rainy day. Neither of us felt like going out so I did 30 minutes on the exercise bike while watching the Great British Menu.

EasyJet have announced that they have grounded all flights which promoted me to try and get in touch with Ryanair again. Very unhelpful and, frankly, rude interaction.

“Because your flights have left already we can’t help you.”

“But we tried to change them before they left. Because we had checked-in they were locked. The website advised us to contact someone to unlock them. We couldn’t get through to anyone by email, phone or on-line chat.”

“Unfortunately, because your flights have left already, we can’t help you.”

“But that’s not my fault, I did everything I could to contact you before they left. I even submitted an online query/complaint, dated before they left, as evidence that I had tried to contact you.”

“Unfortunately, because your flights have left already, we can’t help you. Is there anything else I can help you with today?”


We still have EasyJet flights booked for May. If we want to change them without a fee, we can do so until tomorrow. Trouble is we don’t know when the rugby will take place now, if ever. So when should we re-book them for? I’ll have to make a decision on that tomorrow.

On a cheerier note, M had a go at making bread today with the flour F got us. Brilliant result!


Mindful Chef box arrived with four meals this week, so dinner’s sorted until Friday.

My internet is still playing up! Very slow and dropping out all the time.

The days seem very long when I look back and try to recall what happened, but they also seem to go by very quickly. I’ve not once felt bored or had nothing to do. In fact, sometimes I don’t seem to be able to make the time to do what I said I would do each day. What does that mean?

In the evening, I tried out my first virtual choir session between 8 and 9. I’m in a Pop Choir and we usually meet on Monday evenings. For me, sadly, it just didn’t work and I left after half an hour.

First, my internet kept dropping out and the screen kept freezing. By the time I reconnected I had no idea where we were. So, I switched over to my phone and 4G. Better, but by now I had no idea where we were. Also, getting the phone in the right position was a challenge, especially when the battery ran out and I had to plug it in. Looking down at it, as it lay on my desk under the constraints of the charging lead, was not great for my self-esteem. Seeing my saggy features and droopy neck hanging down over the screen was bad enough, but the thought that this was the view of me that everyone else was seeing was way too much!

It wasn’t just that. It was hard to sing on your own when learning a new part.  Usually there is an element of safety in numbers, when you are surrounded by others singing the same part as you. Having heard my part once I subsequently had no idea if I was singing the right notes or not.

I’ll have a practise in the week and get myself set up better next Monday.

We had salmon and pesto bubble and squeak for dinner. After the failed attempt at virtual singing, we watched the series Ozark on Netflix. It was so gripping we watched all the remaining episodes and stayed up till way after midnight! Wow, dirty, dirty stop-outs!

The news is getting very monotonous now. Nothing really new to say or to hear. There was an interesting story about some of the police being a bit “over-zealous”. Could explain my sister’s experience the other day, which did seem a bit harsh.

The Jack Grealish story has made the national news and he’s issued an apology.

I’ve decided to go alcohol-free Monday to Thursday from now on. Trying to curb some of the unhealthy quarantine behaviours.  Succumbed to a small Bailley’s last night. Does that count? It’s more like a slightly alcoholic dessert in my mind.

My friend is still struggling with the virus. Every time she feels better she gets worse again! Worrying times!

M heard about the first death in our family. His cousins son died last night. His cousin, M, is an elderly lady with dementia, who lives in Barbados with her husband, E. Their children all live in the UK. E reached out to M last night when they heard that their eldest son was dying in hospital form the virus. He passed away during the night. We don’t know the man who died, but we do know his parents. So, so sad to know that they are in such pain on the other side of the Atlantic with none of their family with them.


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