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When I made the decision to try and make a living out of my writing, everyone told me I needed a blog.
Well yes, they’re probably right. If I am trying to sell my services as a writer, what better way to showcase my skills?

adult-alone-black-and-white-551588 (1).jpgThat then raises a whole load of other questions. What to write about? How often to post? How long or short should the posts be? What style should I write them in? What will people want to read about? What is a blog anyway? Who is it for? What is its purpose?

For days my head was buzzing with questions like these. It was a phrase in Module 6 of my Writers Bureau Copywriting Course, that finally silenced the voices in my head. It said, a blog is “a bit like an online diary”. I liked that description. It takes all the pressure away, relieves one of the need to conform, to do it right.

And so, this blog is essentially going to be an on-line diary that showcases my writing. There!

I hope that’s ok? I hope that at least some parts of it will be of interest to some people.

One of the features of WordPress is that it allows you to sort your posts into categories. I like that too. It allows me to write about lots of different things in my “on-line diary” but to categorise them so that my readers can choose the bits that interest them the most.

I have chosen some initial categories that represent the things that interest me, the things that that I’d like to write about and the things that I think will help to showcase my writing. I should clarify at this point, that what I mean when I talk about showcasing my writing, is simply about sharing examples of my writing so that any prospective clients can get a feel for whether they want to work with me or not.

The categories I have chosen are;
• About Me – articles about me, my family and friends and my hobbies and interests
• Creative Writing – examples of, and links to, my creative writing
• Food and Drink – anything relating to food and drink including recipes and restaurant
• Travel – holidays and travel experiences including reviews of locations, hotels, destinations and travel companies
• Local News – as my main target client groups are local, small to local business, this category will include stories about local events, communities, businesses and organisations
• Reading – books I have read and want to read including reviews
• Writing – general articles about writing and my own endeavours to earn money from writing

So there it is…now to start writing and posting and see where it takes me…

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